Departure Assistance

Termination of Leases and Temporary Accommodation: 

We will manage your relocation assignments from beginning to end. But just getting to the country is not the end of the story.  Managing the end or the departure of an assignment is equally important as the initial relocation. As the stress of repatriating or planning for the next assignment grows, it's good to know that issues regarding the current assignment are being solved. Our standard processes are in place to handle all elements of closing: Lease contract termination, Property handover, Utility name change, Cancellation of ordered services, Temporary housing, Mail forwarding, Outbound move management.


Airport Transfer:

We get all the information regarding your flights along with specific needs such as baby seat or child booster, preferences, e.g. big or a small car. The driver will pick you up and ensure that you are the airport at the right time.