Pre-Arrival Trip

Home & Office Search: 

Once we receive and review your housing requirements and budget, we will prepare a detailed home search itinerary for your review. Except for “rush‟ home search requests, we will send you the itinerary within one business day. In order for us to customize the home search further, we request that you review and provide us with your feedback before we begin our house hunting tour. Please be informed that Istanbul rental market is very fast paced and rental properties can be quickly taken off or added to the market at a moment’s notice.


School Search: 

There are many reputable foreign language schools throughout Istanbul. Most are privately owned and have a longstanding reputation for offering internationally accepted norms of educational practices. We work closely with you to identify your schooling requirements, and then coordinate school tours.  We will also take the time to explain testing and interview requirements, and assist with the application and enrollment.


Temporary Accommodation:

Temporary living is for aiding and supporting your and your family during the process of finding the best possible residence. We meet and greet you at the airport and drive you to the temporary accommodation.


Car Hire:

We will arrange for a car when you reach the temporary accommodation according to the policy of your company. We will also provide a short orientation for you to help cover the basic rules of driving in Turkey.


Immigration Service:

We will go over with you the details about permit requirements, expected timing, application forms, and instructions for the process.  We will work with you every step along the way to complete the needed registration and services.