XPRSolutions is a relocation company based in Istanbul that is skilled in International moves. With expatriate experience, our professional team offers high standard services with all aspect of personal and professional support! XPRSolutions was established by a group of people who were constantly changing countries due to business and job requirements. We completely understand what it is like to be in your shoes and having this knowledge helped us to create a unique approach for each client. Our worldwide network and experience provide us with exceptional business skills which will make your transition smooth and trouble free. We are clearing stereotypes of relocation to Turkey being difficult. Our team members will provide you with most convenient, fast and budget friendly solutions.

XPRSolutions can guide you right from the beginning by helping with visas and immigration, providing estimated relocation costs, finding you home, school for your children, and offering language and cultural training if you need it. When you arrive we will do our best to get familiar with your new surroundings, suggest best temporary accommodation options,  sort out all paper work for you, buy or rent a car, set up all required and much more.

It’s important that your partner is happy too. Statistics show that a major reason that assignments fail is because partners are unable to settle in their new environment. We can guide them around the area, help them in finding day to day activities, meet people and support them to become confident in their new surroundings. Meanwhile, you can relax into your new assignment comfortable that the people you love most are settled.

We started this business to make sure you do not go through what we had to and our team is never going to say problems, we call them challenges! That is why relocation to Turkey made easy with XPRSolution!